We offer packing film produced from high quality polyethylene. Thanks to the use of top grade components, we can offer our clients highly durable end products. Our films are available in three densities – low (LDPE), medium (MDPE) and high (HDPE) – and are widely used in industry, construction and retail for protecting products from dust, fine particles and weather conditions.

The packing film can be produced in different variants to improve its properties:

Film uses:

Film characteristics:

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Packaging film: LDPE, MDPE, HDPE

Low density packaging film (LDPE) is produced from polyethylene and is widely used in a variety of industries for securing and protecting goods stacked on pallets. Packaging made of LDPE film is highly flexible, transparent and has a high resistance to puncturing.

MDPE film is used for producing packaging products such as tapes, sleeves and bags. The density is modified depending on client requirements for the packing of their goods, and combines the linear strength parameters of HDPE and LDPE.

HDPE film (High Density PE, density 0.94-0.96 g/cm3) is of greater strength (can bear higher loads), has greater barrier properties and is less flexible than LDPE film. It is also less transparent and is milky white in colour.


Stretchable film bands are produced from specially designed PE film using an automated die. The job of the band is to protect the load on the pallet during storage, distribution and in transport between warehouses. After stretching, the film returns to its original shape and in some cases is an ideal alternative to stretch film. An undoubtable benefit of the bands is that they can be used many times, while stretch film cannot be used once a pallet has been unloaded.



This film is used for garden polytunnels. Its basic function is to ensure fast growth of plants and to protect them from weather conditions. The standard films used are known as UV-2 and UV-5, which indicates that the film will retain its properties for two and five seasons respectively. It is recommended that it be changed only after this period.


This film is for the construction of small water features, garden ponds and small swimming pools and comes in three types:

polyethylene film (PE) – the cheapest but also the lowest quality type of film for building water features

polyvinyl chloride film (PVC) – the most popular and highly durable variety that can be repaired in the case of damage using special glue

synthetic rubber membranes (EPDM) – the best material in terms of quality with high durability (around 30 to 50 years), flexibility and stretchability



This film is used for waterproofing roofs and is made up of three layers: a functional layer that lets through water vapour particles in one direction, and two external layers protecting the internal layer from sustaining damage. The benefit of the film is that it can be installed directly on insulation material, which eliminates thermal insulation gaps. The membrane prevents rain from entering the insulation and also allows water vapour to pass through from the insulation to the exterior.

There are two types of membrane:

– light – with lower density and lower durability

– heavy – a universal higher density membrane with greater durability and mechanical strength


This film has low permeability (under 100 g/m² in 24 hours), and is therefore unable to allow all the moisture that collects under the roof to escape to the exterior. It is used to ensure full waterproofing and protects the roof from unexpected leakages (e.g. if the roofing material is damaged).


This is used mainly for waterproofing of walls and foundations. The greatest benefits are that it does not decompose, and is resistant to tearing, breaking and rubbing. It is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (LDPE).


This film is used to direct ground water away from the wall surface thanks to special studs, and its function is to protect the waterproofing layer. It is produced using high density LDPE and is highly resistant to damage.


Film bags and covers are used for packing high volume goods and materials of different weight and size stacked on euro pallets. They hold the load in place and prevent uncontrolled movement of goods on the pallet during transport. They are made of heat-shrinkable LDPE and packing film and protect goods from bad weather, as well as from dust and fine particles.

We can provide tailor-made products to meet your individual requirements. If you have any questions, please contact our consultant by email or via online chat.