These are bags for packing loose materials such as pellets, soil, peat, fertilizers or animal feed. The bags are made of BCF material, an ecological solution that reduces the amount of petroleum-based polymers by 50% in comparison to traditional film packaging. The product won the gold medal at the 2019 MTP Taropak trade fair.


– contains 30% natural minerals

Resistant to grease and water

– the packaging is an ideal barrier
against lubricants, oils and water

Multi-layer structure

– resistant to tearing and mechanical damage

UV protection

– the material protects products from
the negative effects of UV radiation

Cheaper than other equivalents:

– saves money on packing costs

Przykłady zastosowań:

Technical parameters:

available in film sleeves
rolls or sheets

Printing colours up to 8+0

Width 10 – 200 cm

Thickness 10 – 200 μm

Anti-slip structure

Load capacity up to 25 kg

What can be packed?

Animal feed




Soil and potting mixes